Log On     



Outlook Web Access is being upgraded! Over the next few weeks you will see one of the below displayed login screens. Login steps remain the same.

Log On to Outlook Web Access   

  1. Click here or on the Log On link at the top of the page to log on.
  2. Mark either This is a public or shared computer if you are working on a public or client computer or This is a private computer if you are working on your HNTB or home computer.

    Note: Use Outlook Web Access Light will mark itself automatically if needed - no action is needed on your part.

  3. Type your username and password in the Log On dialog box.
  4. Click Log On.

Log Off of  Outlook Web Access


It is very important to log off of Outlook Web Access when you are finished. Logging off closes the connection to your mailbox.

  1. Click on the Shortcuts button on the left edge of the Outlook screen.
  2. Click on the Log Off icon.


Notice to AOL Users (912)

The AOL Web Browser is not compatible with Outlook Web Access. Please use Internet Explorer when using HNTB's Outlook Web Access.



For further assistance, contact the HNTB Service Desk at 1-888-400-HNTB (1-888-400-4682).